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A small object intended to bring
good luck and/or protection to it's owner

Watch for Talis this little charm
will avert evil and bring good fortune at the shows.

Talis Finnished going
BOW with a 5 point major

at the
Chihuahua Club Of Greater Phoenix

March 8,2008 Tempe Arizona

Picture below is Talis.
Sept 20, 2008

Pictured at
2 1/2 years old.

Faun & White

Ch. Minegold Take Alook
Ch. Ouachitah Bravisimo
Ch. Onlyone Ouachitah Cricket
Ch. Genbrooks Gardian Spirit Faun Brindled
Genbrooks’s Million Dollar Man
Ch. Genbrook’s A Starla Is Born
Genbrook’s Girl Named Sam
Sire:   Ch. Genbrook’s Footprints At Bell’s
Copymear Jamison
Ch. Widogi Willibegood
Missipok Of Audels
Genbrook’s Fancy Me Faire
Enaid’s Scooby Doo
Ch. Genbrook Reflections In Gold
Genbrook’s Girl Named Sam
Ch. Ouachitah Mister Snow Bliss
Sho-Me’s Sock It To Ya
Sho-me’s Coco-late
Ch. Bell’s Wooley Bully Of Bj’s
Ch. Ouachitah Mister Snow Bliss
Sho-Me’s Flobella
Sho-Me’s Margarita Girl
Dam:   Bell’s Surley You Jest Of Bj
Ch. Ouachitah Mister Snow Bliss
Why Doncha Sho-Me’s K C
Sho-Me’s Judi
Bell’s Sho-Me’s Katydid Of Bj’s
Ch. Mina’s Sho-Me’s Kodiak
Sho-Me’s Greta
Sho-Me’s Greta

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