By Sunshine Portraits

Sire: Ch.Weavers One & Only Tipper
Dam:Kelanes American Flight

Breeder: Susan o'farrell
Owner: Jeff Yasenchok
Co-Owner: J Jeffery Seitz

Kelanes Loma Blue Aura
came to Loma Chihuahuas
June 24th 2008.
Blue Aura, an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being
Blue auras express creativity, and have a strong attraction to rhythm in music, art and poetry. Blue auras love to express ones self in creations and art.
That said Look at Luna, Her name is perfect for her a true creation of art. Thank You Sue for letting Luna come live with us here at Loma Chihuahuas. She is loved so much.


Ch. Bliss Hoosier Boy Named Sue
Ch. Bliss Hoosier Barn Burner
Ch. Bliss Hoosier Ima Smoothie
Ch.Dartan Grand Slam
Ch. Ouachita Beau Chiene
Ch. Dartan Dust To Dawn
Ch. Dartan's I'm Jackee
Sire:Ch.Weavers One & Only Tipper
CH. McCormicks PePe Le Blue
Ch. Rajah's Buckeye Brewzer
Ch. Strutti's Meygor Of Rajah
Ra Jah Blu Bi U
Yeosinga Hiawatha Eng.Import
Rajah's Pushover
SRS Teena Blue Sweetie
Kelanes Loma Blue Aura "Luna"
Marjax Raddison
Ch. Marjax's Love At First Bite
Toy Valley The Sound
Ch.Kelanes Just Jack
Ch. Regalaire's Marcus
Patterson's Smokie Of Hibbard
Hibbard's Shady Dais
Dam: Kelanes American Flight
Noweta Hansel Grizele
Pineridge Eldorado
Brengman Pixie
Flying Diamond Frenchy
Heatherly's Son Of Smokie
Carol's Misty Dawn
Farlo's CB Kinghorn Geisha

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