Photo By
Jeffery Yasenchok
Sire: Ch.BzB-Genbrook Gold Dust
COLOR Fawn/White/LC
Dam: Sterling Golden Wings
COLOR Fawn/White/SPTD on White/SC

Breeders: Shirley Ann Banderet
Owner: Jeff Yasenchok

Lazette’s appearance demands so much attention, once you lay your eyes upon her you can’t take them off. She captivates you with her charming attitude and her intense eyes. Almost human like the way she looks at you so deep, a romantic who believes that her one true love is somewhere waiting to be found. I love this Bitch so much, her compassionate soul touches me. All I can do is kiss her face when I have her in my arms, and she loves every minute of it.


Ch. Minegold Take Alook
Ch. Ouachitah Bravisimo
Ch. Onlyone Ouachitah Cricket
Ch. Genbrook's Golden Wispers
Enaid's Scooby Doo
Ch. Genbrook’s Reflections In Gold
Genbrook’s Girl Named Sam
Sire: Ch. BZB-Genbrook Gold Dust
Ch. Show-Me Don Diago Of Jacher L
Skaggs Don De Coyote
Buddyz Melony
Skaggs'October Frost
Skagg's Crystal Fluff
Clarettys Fawn Dawn
CH.BZB's Loma Lighting The Way "Lazette"
Ch. Genbrook Bolero Kalydoscope
BZB Pan-T-Raider Of Genbrook
Genbrook's BZB's Panacea
BZB's Brocade Baritone
Osito Grande
BZB's Satin Sarenade
Genbrooks Jamie BZB
Dam: Sterling Gold WIngs
Red Baron Of PPP
Ch. BZB's Check It Out
Jt's Suzie BZB
BZB's Adrianna
Genbrook's Mel Gibson BZB
Ch. BZB's Amanda
BZB's Moni

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