Sire: Ch.Dazzles Hear Me Roar
Dam: Dazzles Keeping A Promise

Breeder: Donna Jensen
Owner: Jeff Yasenchok
Co-Owner: J Jeffery Seitz

Chica came to Loma Chihuahuas from Donna Jensen of Dazzle Chihuahuas, as a Show dog and to become part of Loma Chihuahuas foundation bitches.
I was happy to receive such a beautiful animal marked by flawless craftsmanship through selective breedings. Chica’s visual image projects a beautiful, and yet very delicate, look with deep sensitivity. Understanding exquisite taste through beauty and fitness, Chica is very exquisite in the eyes of Loma Chihuahuas.
At the Fall 2008 CCA National, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to choose from the cream of the crop show prospects of Dazzle chihuahuas. Chica became the chosen one, the pick to carry on with. The choice was well made. Chica’s show career has proven that. Chica Finished with back to back majors, going BOB over specials on the Mission circuit. In my opinion Chica is like an exquisite porcelain doll having uncommon appeal. A tool from a family that's well respected in the chihuahua breed, Dazzle Chihuahuas. Thank You, Donna Jensen.


Ch. Tanya's En Garde
Ch. Dazzles Bad Tad For Bear Paw
Dazzles League Of Her Own
Ch. Dazzles Taylor Made
CH.Dea's Slugger At The Plate
Dazzles Edna Sweet Sugar
Dazzles Priss And Proper
Sire: Ch. Dazzles Hear Me Roar
CH.Dartan Grand Slam
Ch. Dea's Slugger At The Plate
CH.Jalwood Jai Lai I Love Lucy
Ch. Dazzles Magic Moment
Dea's Will You Be Mine
Dazzles Sweet Caroline
Dazzles Miss Genesis
Ch. Dazzles Loma Chica "Chica"
CH.Bliss Hoosier Barn Burner
Ch.Dartan Grand Slam
CH.Dartan Dusk To Dawn
CH.Dea's Slugger At The Plate
CH Bayard Bone China
CH.Jalwood Jai Lai I Love Lucy
CH Jalwood Joslyn
Dam: Dazzles Keeping A Promise
CH.Hack's Pack Just'a Smidgen
Hack's Packkodak Moment
Hack's Pack Judy Judy Judy
Dazzles Go Girl Go
Hack's Pack Batteries Included
Dazzles Born To Win
Hurd's Blondie Mio

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